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The content of Panfocaccia franchising-related documents is for information purposes only. It is not to be considered as a sale offer, purchase request or signature obligation. The Forni & Fattorie SpA Company commitment is described in the franchising contract, which was signed by both parts. Trade expectations and franchisee performance have been calculated on the basis of cautious economic evaluations, which are not to be considered as profit promise or agreement from franchisor.

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Partner> Primoforno

Panfocaccia manages through organizations of the same group, which means our restaurant is responsible for the manufacturing process of many products offered in the menu. In other words, Panfocaccia is both a restaurant chain and a manufacturer. Every step of the manufacturing process is strictly controlled, as suppliers have to keep high quality manufacturing and safety standards. This guarantees that Panfocaccia offers the best products. This manufacturing control assures a constant product monitoring and innovation. Our main Partner is Primoforno: a company who is a leader in frozen baked product. This company provides us with bread for Paninis and other specialties such as focaccia and rustic Paninis.