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The Mediterranean diet is known by everyone to be the healthiest and the most balanced diet and Italy is the country par excellence which embodies this model of healthy eating. Panfocaccia changes and improves even more this idea, therefore the Mediterranean diet becomes: the Italian Diet. Healthy eating to keep fit: this is what most people think. But healthy eating leads also to keep a good health. Our hectic social life does not allow us to consume and enjoy our favourite meals at home in quiet and in a healthy and balanced way.

We are forced to consume food everywhere and every time to the detriment of our health. Eating out is a forced choice for those people always in a rush and when, sometimes, they have the time to eat they are close to their work place or in motion. Many people become convinced that it is impossible to have a healthy and balanced nutrition when eating out. In fact, this is a belief which is confirmed as one looks at all immoral menu choices that the world usually offers to consumers. These fast food chains – because of their lack of such an historical culture and nutritional traditions but only interested at making good profits – offers to consumers, fixed menu with additives and animal fats which are tasteless and may be dangerous for their own health. Statistics confirms that in our contemporary world the number of obese people is in a continuous growing and it has been found that this phenomenon is particular relevant in children and teenagers. A healthy and balanced eating is, nevertheless, a necessity that in the last years the modern society is going to find out since an unbalanced diet may affect indisputably the health, the humor and the physical well-being of the individual.
Nowadays, eating healthy, balanced fast food is finally possible.
The Panfocaccia menu provides a nutritious menu with a diverse selection. The characteristics of the items chosen for this menu include the following:
  • Digestibility. The menu has been developed by skilled nutritionists who have taken in high consideration the main characteristic of a healthy diet, i.e. the meal digestibility.
  • No more bad tastes thanks to the very small presence in the menu of food containing animal fats, that makes the palate always free from disgusting tastes that usually remain for long time after having the meal.
  • The menu offers lean cold meats are always served with vegetables.
  • Taste. The menu offers new and unique dishes you can’t find in any other place other than Panfocaccia Restaurants.
  • Lightness. The menu has been created with a focus on balance, so that after having a meal you don’t feel bloated, which is a typical sign of a slow digestion.
  • Sugar control. The Panfocaccia menu does not offer high sugar and high calorie drinks. We prefer natural drinks and juices instead.