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The content of Panfocaccia franchising-related documents is for information purposes only. It is not to be considered as a sale offer, purchase request or signature obligation. The Forni & Fattorie SpA Company commitment is described in the franchising contract, which was signed by both parts. Trade expectations and franchisee performance have been calculated on the basis of cautious economic evaluations, which are not to be considered as profit promise or agreement from franchisor.

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eat healthy, eat italian
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Panfocaccia was created from the experience of Unidea group, in particular from Forni & Fattorie SpA company. This company was created in the 1990s and specialized in high quality baked product manufacturing such as bread, focaccia, rustic bread, pizza and breakfast products. Nowadays the group is expanding worldwide and has a top-down management system, managing both the manufacturing cycle and the marketing and distribution cycle. We have considered franchisee and clients in creating our brand and coordinated image. The brand image is recognized easily by consumers and represents a real eating style, as communicated by the slogan: eat healthy, eat Italian.  
PANFOCACCIA is a successful brand with a special franchising system: managing the PANFOCACCIA brand means to communicate healthy food values. Opening a PANFOCACCIA restaurant is not easy. Only resolute and strong minded people sharing our mission can do that.
PANFOCACCIA carefully selects the franchisee on the basis of personal, financial and business skills. There are several main steps to become a PANFOCACCIA franchisee. If you think you can become a successful business person and owner of a PANFOCACCIA  restaurant, fill out the following form and send it to us.


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I declare that all the information provided is true and complete. I will keep all the information that I receive confidential. I read the Privacy Policy and agree that the provided information is not an obligation for Forni & Fattorie Spa Ccompany and/or its affiliated organizations.


Within 30 days from receiving your form, you will be contacted to arrange a phone screen.